Top 5 reasons to use asset finance?

Here are the top 5 reasons to use asset finance:

  1. Preserving Cash Flow: Asset finance allows businesses to spread the cost of acquiring new assets over time, rather than having to pay for them upfront. This preserves cash flow and ensures that businesses have the resources they need to invest in other areas of the business, such as marketing, hiring, or R&D.
  1. Flexible Payment Options: Asset finance provides businesses with flexible payment options, such as fixed or variable rates, and lease or hire purchase agreements. This allows businesses to choose the option that best suits their financial needs and circumstances.
  1. Tax Benefits: Asset finance can provide businesses with tax benefits, such as capital allowances and tax deductions on interest payments. This can help businesses reduce their tax liability and improve their overall financial position.
  1. Upgraded Equipment: Asset finance allows businesses to acquire new or upgraded equipment that can help them improve their efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. This can be particularly important for businesses that operate in industries with rapidly changing technology or equipment requirements.
  1. Preserve Existing Credit Lines: Asset finance can help businesses preserve their existing credit lines with banks and other lenders. By using asset finance to finance new assets, businesses can avoid tying up their existing credit lines, which can be used for other purposes such as working capital or growth opportunities.

Overall, asset finance can provide businesses with the financing they need to acquire new assets and invest in their future growth.

By preserving cash flow, providing flexible payment options, offering tax benefits, upgrading equipment, and preserving existing credit lines, asset finance can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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Published On: 25th May 2023|