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Supplier finance

Are you looking for supplier finance?

Take control of your supply chain by providing your suppliers with access to early payment against their invoices, giving you the opportunity to extend payment terms. This is also sometimes called reverse factoring.

The cost of funding can be incurred by either yourself or by your supplier, this would be agreed in advance of the facility.

Why should I use a supplier finance facility?

In 2019, the government announced that businesses could be fined for failing to pay smaller suppliers on time. One of these measures would be to make the company boards accountable for supply chain payment practices to small businesses, they hope that this will increase transparency and reduce late payments.

These measures would force audit committees to report payment practices in company annual reports.

Also, payment practices can indicate how strong or weak your relationship is with your suppliers, late payment could:

  • Damage your businesses reputation

  • Indicate that your business is in financial difficulty

  • Have a negative impact and put a strain on your relationship with suppliers

  • Suppliers may offer less favourable terms and pricing in future

  • Put a strain on your suppliers’ business and restrict their growth and liquidity

What would you need from our suppliers?

A simple opt-in e-signature.

Do I have to include all of my suppliers in the program?

No. You can include as many or as few of your suppliers as you wish.

Is there a long term contract involved?

No. You may use the facility as often / seldom as you see fit.

Many businesses need to access additional finance at various stages in their lifecycle. With the right financing in place you can build a healthy business, positive cash flows, a great reputation and ultimately a profitable enterprise.

If you would like to discuss supplier finance, or any other business finance needs that your business may have, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team today on 01908 880420 or request a call back at a more convenient time.

How does supplier finance work?

Benefits to your business

Happier Supplier

Strengthen relationships with supplier base, de-risking your supply chain.


Improve your working capital with the opportunity to extend payment terms.


Include as many or as few suppliers as you wish; turn the facility on and off at your discretion.


The facility can sit easily alongside other financing arrangements.

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Whether you need to buy new equipment, take on new staff or finance an office or retail fit-out, we can help you at every step.

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