R&D tax credits are an HMRC tax incentive designed to enable and encourage businesses to invest in innovation.

Claim back up to 33% of your
R&D investment

Average SME claim value

R&D Tax Credit Scheme

R&D Tax Credits – How does the scheme work?

When your business carries out research and development, you can claim back up to 33p for every £1 spent on qualifying activities.

This can be offset against your Corporation Tax and, in some cases, you can receive this as a cash credit from HMRC.

R&D can take place in any sector

  • Manufacturing & Material Sciences

  • Engineering

  • IT & Software

  • Automotive & Motorsport

  • Construction

How to qualify for the R&D Tax Credit scheme?

To benefit from the scheme, you need to:

  • Spend money on developing new products or services; or enhancing existing ones

  • Employ staff across a variety of roles who work on projects that advance knowledge, and clarify uncertainty

  • Be a limited company, in the UK, that is subject to Corporation Tax

  • Have conducted qualifying activity within the last 2 accounting periods

If these criteria apply to your business, you may be eligible for the scheme. Get in touch to find out how much you could stand to gain.

R and D Tax Credits Application

R and D Tax Credits made simple

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