Plant hire firms stand as the unsung heroes of the UK’s construction and infrastructure domains.

The acquisition of heavy machinery and essential equipment, pivotal to these businesses, often comes with a hefty price tag.

Therefore, pinpointing the right financial avenues is instrumental in fuelling their growth trajectories.

At The Funding Store, we pride ourselves on curating bespoke financial solutions for this vibrant sector, tailored to the unique demands of each business.

Let’s delve into the financial routes accessible to UK’s plant hire companies.

1. Asset Finance: Empowering Your Machinery Arsenal

A coveted choice among plant hire ventures, asset finance lays out a structured pathway for businesses to procure essential apparatus – from colossal excavators to nimble cranes – without depleting their funds at once.

Whether it’s hire purchase modalities or leasing configurations, The Funding Store’s expansive network of UK asset finance providers ensures you get an arrangement that’s attuned to your operational rhythm.

2. Business Loans: Fuelling Expansion and Innovation

Every plant hire firm envisions a fleet expansion or the integration of cutting-edge equipment. With business loans, this doesn’t remain a distant dream.

Borrow a designated sum and repay it across stipulated intervals with interest.

From established banking institutions to contemporary alternative finance channels, our repertoire at The Funding Store encompasses a diverse range of lenders, catering to your every business aspiration.

3. Invoice Finance: Turning Liabilities into Assets

For those grappling with the delay between raising invoices and the actual inflow of funds, invoice finance emerges as a beacon.

It empowers plant hire businesses to draw funds against their outstanding invoices, ensuring the wheels of their operations never halt.

Our collaboration with premium invoice finance providers means your cash flow remains unperturbed while you await the settlement of dues.

4. Refinance: Rejuvenating Your Financial Blueprint

Refinancing isn’t merely about substituting old loans with new ones. It’s an opportunity to avail enhanced terms, be it in the form of trimmed monthly instalments, diminished interest rates, or extended repayment tenures.

By partnering with The Funding Store, you can recalibrate your financial commitments, enhancing liquidity and carving out avenues for reinvestment into your plant hire venture.

5. Credit facilities: Your Financial Safety Net

The unpredictable nature of the plant hire sector means sporadic financial demands might arise.

Credit facilities serve as a safety cushion, permitting you to exceed your account’s available balance when exigencies strike.

By collaborating with an array of alternative finance entities, we, at The Funding Store, are poised to guide you to the most apt credit facility solution tailored to your requirements.

Concluding Thoughts

The British plant hire sector’s vibrancy hinges on robust financial underpinnings.

As machinery demands surge, so does the necessity for tailored finance solutions.

At The Funding Store, we don’t just provide options; we craft financial narratives that resonate with your business ethos.

Whether you’re eyeing asset finance, business loans, or any of the myriad options discussed above, our experts are on standby to propel your plant hire enterprise to unparalleled success.

If you’re a small or medium-sized business looking for funding, then why not contact The Funding Store today.

We do not charge broker fees, and with access to one of the most extensive and competitive lending panels in the UK, can bring you fast, flexible solutions that meet your finance needs.

The Funding Store can help guide you through the funding process and find the best funding options that fit your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking to start a new business, expand an existing one, or cover unexpected expenses, The Funding Store can help you achieve your financial goals.

So don’t hesitate, contact us today on 01908 880420, to take the first step towards securing the funding you need to grow and succeed.

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Published On: 15th April 2024|