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Invoice Finance UK

Are you looking for a business solution to improve cashflow or working capital? Then invoice finance could be a good option for you.

What is Invoice Finance?

In short, it is a finance facility that will help by advancing an agreed % of your businesses outstanding invoices, releasing cash into your business to assist cashflow and working capital.

Once payment is received from your customer, on the outstanding invoice, you will then receive the residual % minus any fees and charges agreed with the lender.

Why Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance will give you the ability to access cash quicker and improve cashflow and working capital.

This might enable you to pay outstanding suppliers or purchase additional stock, in turn allowing you to make more sales, assisting with the growth of your business.

Before proceeding with an invoice finance facility, it is best to understand your working capital cycle to assess where it would be beneficial. The Funding Store have a specialist who can support you in assessing this.

Invoice Finance Solutions and how The Funding Store can assist.

There is a vast range of invoice finance solutions from invoice factoring, invoice discounting, selective invoice finance and even supply chain finance.

The terminology can be daunting but our in-house specialist The Funding Store is here to help. If you would like a free review of your current invoice finance facility, get in touch on 01908 880420.

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We work with a panel of invoice finance lenders who cover industries ranging from retail, recruitment, construction, engineering, hospitality and many others.

We provide a one to one service, from discussing and understanding your needs to finding a solutions that suits your business. All without any commitment.

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