How can you prepare your business for adverse weather conditions?

18 March 2018

This month we saw plummeting temperatures and snowfall, dubbed the ‘Beast from the East’ which was further intensified by Storm Emma. This presented some very testing challenges for businesses.

In this article we look at the impact to businesses, and ideas for reducing the risk of future business disruption from adverse weather conditions.

Usually we might be expecting the spring to signal a change to milder weather conditions. Therefore, the recent spell of severe weather conditions took many businesses by surprise.

Many businesses were hit with staff difficulties getting to work, rising energy costs, delayed deliveries and fall in consumer spending.


Considering your specific risks and having a contingency plan in place can give you a head start when your business is facing possible disruption. Prompt communication to customers and staff is essential.

Also, do you have equipment or machinery to clear your facilities or car park, do you have adequate heating systems and levels of stock in place? Is your business ready to cope with increased costs or a temporary reduced levels of sales?


Very often the biggest impact is through staff absence with team members unable to travel to work or having to look after their children due to school closures.

Are you utilising technology to allow your staff to work remotely or log into cloud systems? Do they have the equipment they need to work from home?

Financing for weather disruption

Whether investing in technology solutions or as part of your contingency plans, it is likely that you will need access to the appropriate level of finance.

If your business needs emergency finance our fast business loans can help you pay unexpected bills, bridge a cashflow gap, and get your firm back on track.

To discuss how we can help you find finance for your business you can contact us 7 days a week, or request a call back via the form on this page.

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How can you prepare your business for adverse weather conditions? The Funding Store

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