Finance to put a rocket in space or take your business to new heights

07 February 2018

With news this week that Elon Musk succeeded in sending his SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket into space, complete with a Tesla Roadster attached for added spectacle, it had us at The Funding Store talking about what it takes to get innovative ideas off the drawing board and into production.

So, let’s begin with that rocket. The launch is significant, not only because the Falcon Heavy is the world’s most powerful rocket. At $90million per launch, it is also far cheaper than the competition through its use of reusable rocket launchers.

As a result, it could revolutionise space travel, perhaps one day fulfilling Musk’s dream of sending people to Mars.

What makes a successful entrepreneur?

There is no doubt that this success is very much down to the innovative and entrepreneurial vision of Tesla co-founder, Elon Musk. But what makes a successful entrepreneur?

When looking for inspiration, what better source than Sir Richard Branson, who recently quoted his top secrets for success. These being to follow your dreams, believe in your ideas, have fun, don’t give up, learn to delegate, look after your team and when people say bad things about you, prove them wrong.

Musk certainly embodies all these characteristics but there is one important element, without which, the rocket launch would not have been possible.

Whether sending a rocket into space or launching an innovative new product or service in your own business, there’s a common denominator; that being financing.

Getting your finance in place

Fortunately for Musk, an estimated personal net worth of $20.9 billon, as well as a host of investors in SpaceX, including NASA, means that financing has probably not been a stumbling block for the project.

But what if you have an innovative idea and the attributes to make it a success, but lack the financial resources to make it happen.

This is where speaking to a team of financial professionals can help you plan how you can secure the necessary finance.

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