• Decisions typically
    within 24 hours

  • Multiple CBILS
    accredited funders

  • No personal guarantees for finance under £250k

  • No repayments for
    the first 12 months

  • Terms up to 6 years
    with no ERC or fees

Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan (CBILS) backed invoice finance

CBILS backed invoice finance

Are you looking for CBILS backed invoice finance for your business?

Invoice finance has traditionally been one of the best ways that SMEs can help boost their cash flow.

The British Business Bank has included invoice finance within their Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS), which will help SMEs facing unchartered territory in this post pandemic environment.

Giving funders a Government guarantee for a majority of the facility has made aforementioned funders more comfortable with lending to SMEs, meaning that they do not have to shoulder the risk alone.

This same guarantee also enables funding of up to £250,000 without asking for a personal guarantee (PG) or additional security.

The Funding Store have access to CBILS accredited funders who can provide invoice finance facilities of up to £5m, with some of those same funders offering terms loans of up to £500k, for customers who take an invoice finance facility with them.

Eligibility for Coronavirus Business Interruption Loans Scheme (CBILS) backed invoice finance

  • Be a UK based business

  • Have an annual turnover of no more than £45million

  • Generate more than 50% of your turnover from trading activity

  • Your business has been adversely impacted as a direct consequence of COVID-19

  • Your business is able to demonstrate affordability

If you meet the criteria above, then why not complete our application form on this page or contact us today, on 01908 880420, to discuss your requirements.

If you want to borrow £30,000 or more, you also need to confirm that your business was not classed as a business in difficulty on 31 December 2019.

If the business is unable to repay, the scheme provides a partial guarantee to the lender, not to the business.

Please note that your business will be liable for 100% of the debt. When taking out funding through the BBLS or CBILS, the business is liable for the full loan amount. If the business is unable to repay, the scheme provides a guarantee to the lender, not to the business.

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