The Funding Store gets creative for our new promotional video

23 September 2017

This week our team got creative and made a video explaining the benefits of using our service.

In fact, videos are a powerful way for all businesses to promote their service. In article, we explain how you can go about creating your own cost-effective promotional video.

First, here is our new video…

Here are the steps to creating your own promotional video…

Stage 1 – The style

The first part to creating a video is to decide on the overall style that you want to present. Is your brand fun or serious, creative or informative, modern or traditional?

It might be that you will be somewhere on the scale between these but deciding where you fit is the first stage to making a video that is the right fit for your business.

Stage 2 – The message

What are the main reasons that your customers choose you, what is their challenge and what are your key USP’s (unique service proposition)? This means, what are the key things that set you apart from your competitors?

Note these down and create a script and a sequence of scenes for your video.

Try to keep these to the main points as the video should be succinct and engaging. Also consider your call to action, that is why and how prospective clients will contact you.

Stage 3 – Production

There are many creative agencies who can produce your promotional video for you. Alternatively, if you do not have the budget to use an agency you could create a video yourself.

There are many online video software platforms that you can use. Choosing a cost-effective, easy to use solution will help you to easily create a great video, even if you don’t have a background in Hollywood.

Many of these online video production programmes will also have a selection of free music tracks to select. Again, choose a soundtrack that matches your style and message.

If you would like to add a voice over there are also various software pacckages that will allow you to edit and record this.

Stage 4 – Sharing your video

Set up a free Vimeo or Youtube channel and upload your video. You are now able to share your video with the world and embed it on your website for everyone to see.

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