How could Brexit impact securing finance for your business?

20 September 2017

With Article 50 negotiations currently taking place we still don’t know exactly what Brexit will mean for businesses, and with the UK treading unchartered waters it is difficult to make any certain predictions.

In this blog article we consider what we know, what is on the horizon and how this might impact you securing finance.

What do we know?

When it comes to the economy the UK is not an island, and is very much connected to the world economy.

With currency falling, the cost of imported goods has risen, giving UK manufacturers an edge in the UK market. However, at the same time this has led to increased costs for those who import raw materials to produce their goods.

On a positive note, this has also led to a surge in export activity as goods produced in the UK become more competitive overseas. So overall, there has been a mixed effect on the UK productivity.

What is on the horizon?

There may be bumps on the way as the UK negotiates its position outside of the EU. However, we believe that the UK is, and will remain, a good place to do business.

Despite these uncertain times, business goes on.

Businesses will still need access to finance to support their plans and to meet cash flow requirements.

Should the banks reduce their appetite for lending then our services may be able to assist you. We can help you access multiple lenders to find flexible finance that is right for your needs.

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