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Asset finance Northamptonshire

Are you looking for asset finance in Northamptonshire?

Our equipment asset finance solutions give you the ability to release cash in any assets, such as machinery, office equipment, vehicles and more.

Unlocking the capital tied up in your assets could be an effective way to raise finance to support your plans for business growth, or to meet cash requirements of your business.

Not only can it help you secure a competitive rate of borrowing, it can also be a tax efficient and flexible source of business finance.

Northamptonshire asset finance team

At The Funding Store our team have many years experience in helping businesses utilise their assets to raise additional finance. We will build a tailored solution for your business.

Because we are a local team, it means that we can visit your premise to itemise your assets and help you through the process, in a timely manner.

Our service is provided without obligation and there is no cost in applying. If you are not entirely satisfied with the asset finance options that we find for you, there is no obligation or cost to you.

How it works

We can offer the following asset finance options:

Finance lease

Need new equipment or vehicles without the burden of ownership? A finance lease works in a similar way to renting, at the end of the agreement you will be able to return the equipment, meaning you aren’t left with out-dated equipment.

Hire purchase

If you’d prefer to own the new asset at the end of the term then a hire purchase could be for you. This works in a similar way to a finance lease, but your monthly payments will be working towards full ownership at the end of the agreement.

Operating lease

For those needing plant, machinery or tools to carry out their trade, an operating lease gives you the flexibility of monthly payments with a final term payment based on the different between the original purchase price and the final residual value.


Often described as a way of ‘unlocking’ cash, refinancing is a type of asset finance that uses existing items in your business as security. This means that you can take out finance based on the value of something your business already owns.

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We are continually reviewing funding providers to bring you choice, competitive rates and flexibly to access the right finance, at the right time. But most importantly, we are passionate about what we do. This is evident in our enthusiasm and commitment to assisting you at each stage and after you have secured your finance.

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Northamptonshire asset finance specialists

We help all types of businesses in Northamptonshire to access asset finance. By connecting you with an extensive panel of reputable lenders, our team can bring you choice and competitive asset finance.

If you have any questions on how asset finance might work for your business please do get in touch with our team, we will be pleased to help.

Asset finance Northamptonshire

Based in nearby Milton Keynes, our team are fast moving and the application process is simple and fast, and without upfront fees for your finance.

We are open 7 days a week, so contact us today via our online contact forms and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Asset finance Northamptonshire The Funding Store

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Asset finance Northamptonshire The Funding Store
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Asset finance Northamptonshire The Funding Store

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